Friday, August 10, 2012


Here’s good news about UNR:

1.       UNSOM’s Las Vegas-based diabetes center now offers one-stop patient education and care.  Patients can see a nutritionist, get tested for glucose and have it monitored, speak with a certified diabetes educator registered nurse and have the advantage of collaboration with other specialists who can help treat their condition.

2.       UNSOM students help serve the needs of Nevada’s uninsured through volunteer medical service.
Medical students volunteer their time at the Student Outreach Clinic in Reno and the Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada clinic in Las Vegas on a monthly basis.

3.       UNSOM is improving healthcare services in rural and underserved communities in Nevada.
Statewide telemedicine consultations, "health care without walls," are available to primary care physicians in Nevada’s rural communities through UNSOM. This program connects, via video conference, rural primary care physicians with medical specialty experts at UNSOM so they can manage chronic diseases in their patients.

4.       UNSOM provides Nevada’s only clinical ALS trials.
ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a progressive and fatal neurodegenerative disease. UNSOM internist Dr. David Ginsburg is running a “empower trial” for a Parkinson’s-related drug that may have benefits for ALS patients, and preliminary testing has been positive. Dr. Ginsburg provides one-stop health care for ALS patients in Southern Nevada, providing important supporting therapies to help patients live with ALS.

5.       UNR supports Nevada’s economic development plan.
UNR offers teaching and research that ties to each of the priority high-knowledge industries identified in the Governor’s economic development plan.

6.       The number of patents and commercialized innovations by UNR are on the rise.
UNR’s Technology Transfer Office, a resource shared with DRI, is leading a focused commitment to move innovation into the marketplace. For example, UNR has licensed technologies that hold promise for the treatment for muscular dystrophy, allow rapid diagnosis of the leading cause of AIDS-related deaths in sub-Saharan Africa, support geothermal and petroleum exploration, contribute to sensing technology at our nation’s ports and support improved water treatment capabilities.

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