Friday, August 24, 2012

UNLV - More Good News

Here’s some good news about UNLV:

1. To improve math performance for incoming students, UNLV has designed a special bridge program for students whose math skills need refreshing in order to succeed in college mathematics. Students in the free summer program, a kind of math "boot camp," will meet five days a week, three hours a day for five weeks and will receive the tutoring and skills reinforcement they need to earn a place in a college math class and avoid noncredit classes that don't count toward graduation.

2. UNLV is working to meet Nevada’s need for an educated workforce in a changing economy. This Spring, more than 3,000 graduates entered the workforce – 80 percent of whom call Nevada home.

3. Cuts to health benefits have hurt employee morale. UNLV is working vigorously with NSHE governmental officials to improve health benefits, end pay cuts and furloughs, and restore merit.  It was recently announced that domestic partners will now be covered by our health plan.

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