Thursday, August 16, 2012


Here’s good news about Nevada State College:

NSC will increase its six-year graduation numbers by an average of 1 percent annually, including those of key underrepresented groups.

NSC will increase its enrollment and retention of underrepresented groups.

NSC will expand its physical campus to accommodate a growing student body. 

NSC will increase its percentage of graduates who remain employed in Nevada.

NSC will improve communication to the public regarding its progress in accomplishing goals and objectives.

NSC will increase student performance across degree programs through a more rigorous and systematic assessment process.

NSC will improve communication and collaboration with local industry sectors to ensure that degree programs produce a relevant and highly-skilled labor force.

NSC will improve productivity by redesigning degree programs and courses by introducing more technology and by aligning degree offerings with student demand.

NSC will improve time-to-degree for students by collaborating more effectively with other institutions, particularly within southern Nevada’s higher education community.

NSC will increase the number of graduates in STEM-related disciplines that have direct application to Nevada’s economic diversification and industry cluster strategy; improve the positioning of NSC’s physical campus to allow for greater industry collaboration.


  1. All the grads in the world won't be worth a thin dime unless America starts producing stuff. Less than 10% of the current work force is in manufacturing.
    We have become a nation of paper pushers!
    Production EQUALS Prosperity.

  2. Like Mr. Koch or not he makes a good point;