Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Here’s good news about the Desert Research Institute:
1.       DRI’s Strategic Plan: Address environmental and societal impacts of climate change and related security implications
2.       DRI striving to manage scarce water resources under conditions of changing climate - globally and regionally
3.       DRI working to create an energy-water nexus to address security and environmental concerns
4.       DRI is always striving to diversity its funding sources
5.       DRI will expand research on techniques and proxies for assessing global climate trends
6.       DRI will develop adaptation strategies related to natural systems, societies, and infrastructure impacted by climate change
7.       DRI aims to  provide geological and ecological work to support nation’s military and security
8.       DRI is developing more air pollutant analyses and measurement to better protect national health and well-being
9.       DRI is working to develop  models to better understand the use of groundwater and the impacts associated with evapo-transpiration processes
10.   DRI’s GreenPower program helps teachers develop a renewable energy curriculum that meets federal and state science standards.

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