Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Here’s good news about Great Basin College:

GBC will continue to enhance relationships in the private sector which will lead to further investment and economic diversity and sustainability.

GBC will strengthen student life opportunities.

GBC will provide the means to continue to recruit and retain talented faculty.

GBC will focus recruitment of qualified and talented students for specific academic and training programs.

GBC will communicate the value of the college’s contribution to the overall economic recovery of the state of Nevada.

GBC will effectively communicate to the entire state the value of access to higher education in Nevada’s rural communities.

GBC will strengthen the role with regional economic development agencies within GBC’s service area.

GBC will strengthen its leadership position with distance learning technologies.

GBC will strengthen the marketing strategy for its academic and certificate and trade programs to rural Nevadans.

GBC will continue to prioritize the college’s strategic initiatives to improve access to a college education throughout Nevada.   


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