Thursday, August 23, 2012


Here’s some good news about UNLV:

1. On a campus as big as UNLV, simply finding the right place to go for help can be challenging. The Academic Success Center guides students to the resources they need to improve retention and help them be successful. They offer or will refer students to programs and resources as tutoring, advising, skills testing, career exploration and more.

2. UNLV recognizes that strong advising helps students meet their academic and career goals. The university has increased its advising staff to provide better service. Academic advisors logged more than 45,000 visits during the last year, and with newly added staff, UNLV will be able to provide more guidance to keep students on track toward graduation.

3. To improve service for veterans, UNLV @RebelVETS combines the university's resources in one place to help veterans interested in higher education.

4. To improve morale after several years of continued faculty losses, the president and provost met with each department to listen and discuss how to further build departmental excellence and better meet our educational and scholarly missions.

5. UNLV made critical staff and faculty hires this spring to bolster support in key areas like student support and high impact academic programs.

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  1. Finding a parking spot at UNLV can be challenging too!