Friday, August 3, 2012


If NSHE refuses to crack down on bad administrators, what else can be done to force improvements?  Tenure in Nevada does little to protect faculty from administrators bent on harassing them into accepting the status quo or quitting.  Just try filing a grievance over an improperly denied workload or withheld pay; you’ll soon grow very weary of hearing about administrative discretion and watching administrators close ranks to protect their own.  What we really need is good, strong whistleblower laws and funding for public agencies that investigate corruption.  Nevada has some of the weakest whistleblower protections in the nation, unless a federal agency, such as the EEOC, backs a faculty member’s claim, that person will usually continue to be harassed into silence.  Even when clear evidence of wrongdoing exists the Attorney General’s Office lacks the resources to protect dissenters from internal NSHE retaliation. It’s time to strengthen the legal remedies available so that the courts can shine some sunlight on the bureaucrats who are unwilling to act ethically and legally.

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