Friday, March 30, 2012

Trayvon Martin Part V

The tragic murder of Trayvon Martin has certainly brought the race issue to the forefront.  If we were all alike, life would surely be boring and we’d find that our viewpoints would be so limited and life would surely progress slowly and nothing would be new and interesting. 
The people who are different from me do not, and cannot, injure me in any way.  In fact their differences add much to my life.
I love people who are different from me.  I find them interesting and productive and able to broaden my perspective.  I cannot imagine disliking any person or group simply because they are different. 
If you find you have negative feelings toward any person or group because of their race, background, religion or political views and you believe they are inferior to you simply because of those factors, you had better take a look at yourself.  You may find that it is you who is inferior, it is you who cannot compete and it is you who have caused your own failures in the various endeavors you attempted. 
Look inside it may scare you to death.

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