Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Funding Problems

I was chancellor for five years.  The funding problems that existed every day for those five years are the exact problems that remain today.  The only difference is that each problem is now greater than it ever has been.  A fair division of state funds would still inadequately support a system that is not competitive with other state higher education systems in this country.  Regardless of your advertising campaign, you cannot sell a bad product over a long period of time. 
The high school graduates who go out of state to school do so because they want to graduate from much better schools.  They have the funds to go elsewhere.  But think about all the outstanding Nevada high school graduates, which, while not a high percentage of graduates, are large in number, who want to attend a top college or university, but cannot afford to do so.
Those high school graduates who would have found greatness by attending world-class universities will be permanently disadvantaged by this state’s failure to support their education. 

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  1. The educational system at all levels in Nevada is questionable. My kids went to CCSD Schools. That's why my Grandson attends a Lutheran School!
    Back in the day when I graduated from High School you needed to know how to read, write and do math. Not today, it's all about self esteem and that's not right!