Monday, March 19, 2012


I am a liberal.  I make no excuses for that, nor do I believe I am obligated to defend my position.  I do not believe that I am always right.  I also have the greatest respect for the leading conservatives in this country.  Agree with them or not, their philosophies have been sound, constructive and productive for the last 40 years I have followed their endeavors.

The issue is not the liberal view versus the conservative view.  The issue is how the lunatic and intellectually bankrupt group that calls itself conservatives has been able to kidnap and hold for ransom the Republican Party and totally destroy its heritage of sound and logical thinking.

The political successes of intellectually bankrupt people like Sharron Angle and Sarah Palin should scare all of you.  Fortunately neither one of these idiots, who has no understanding of conservatism, does not understand any of this country’s problems, and certainly has no capacity to solve those problems, has done nothing more than take this nation’s focus away from supporting people in their own party who could keep this country going forward.


  1. I find the name calling by liberals and conservatives a big turn off. Jim referring to anybody as an idiot is beneath you and diminishes the value of the dialogue. Gus

  2. Jim,
    I am not a liberal BUT I agree with you regarding the idiots in the GOP. I believe if they actually followed the principles of the party, listed on the GOP website, America would be a better place for all.