Monday, March 5, 2012

There’s Something Terribly Wrong

Certainly this state must subsidize the education of doctors, lawyers and dentists.  But the subsidy to the doctors is too far out of line for what the public gets.  Remember that the starting salary for a doctor is about $150,000 per year and the sky’s the limit.  The average starting salary for a lawyer is now $87,000 and here again the sky’s the limit.  Dentists start at $150,000 and once more, have the potential for tremendous incomes. 

But look at the person who graduates with a degree to teach.  The state has spent infinitely less on the teacher’s education which produces a far better and more effective product than that of the medical school, the law school or the dental school.  Yet the school teachers’ salaries begin at $34,000 and twenty years later they’ll be making the same, the only difference being cost of living increases. 

It seems to me there’s something terribly wrong with our priorities.  What do you think?

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  1. Seems simple to me; Doctors, Dentists and Lawyers can kick back, EXCUSE ME, donate big bucks to politicians while low paid teachers can't.