Friday, March 23, 2012


#CSN could benefit from substantial changes to the state’s funding of higher education.  In many other states local communities contribute tax dollars to fund community colleges.  Nevada is in the minority in having only state dollars support our community colleges.  A number of state leaders have asked why our counties are not contributing to their source of trained workers, but so far no one has laid out a comprehensive plan for adopting this type of funding model. Of course there will be resistance by county governments, which are also experiencing severe budget shortfalls; but there are other issues involved apart from convincing counties to shoulder this new responsibility.  According to the Nevada Constitution the state shall have a higher education system governed by a Board of Regents.  Will the state have to amend its constitution? Or can the Board of Regents delegate some governing tasks to the counties without abdicating its constitutional role?  And how much would each county be expected to contribute toward funding a local community college?  With less than a year left from the start of the 2013 legislative session, now is the time to discuss and vet these questions.

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