Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Political Disaster

Do you remember your student council at your high school?  It had nothing to do, did nothing and was nothing more than a popularity contest.  Its 16, 17 and 18 year old members had neither the experience nor knowledge to make any decisions that affected their education.  In fact, the council never gave one thought to the quality of education at their schools.

Sarah Palin is the political disaster that fortunately never happened to this country.  She has just enough charm, good looks and speaking abilities to win a seat on her high school student council.  But had she been a member of a high school student council her political career should have ended after she left high school.  Palin has no talent, intellect or understanding to qualify her to run for any major public office.

The people of Alaska are fortunate she remained governor for only half her term.

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  1. Come on Jim, about 85% or more of ALL politicians have no talent, not to speak of any hope of creative thought; unless' of course, when it comes to picking the pockets of productive citizens!