Monday, September 16, 2013

Yesterday I Turned 75

Yesterday I turned 75, and I took the opportunity of a captive audience to again expound the importance of education in Nevada. Without a well-educated work force, without a citizenry capable of critical thinking and clear communication, America has little chance of competing on a global scale. And make no mistake--we are a global economy and a global citizenry. Education is not a privilege; education is not a luxury; education is the basis of every civilized society. Let's show the world we care, and we can. Support education in any and every way you can. 

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  1. A belated Happy Birthday Jim!
    I agree with you regarding the importance of having a good education. You have one and I don't and believe me when I say I pay FULL price every day for it. That's why I haven't retired. I want my grand son to get the best possible education and as long as I can pay for it he will get one!