Thursday, September 5, 2013


I know it’s much easier to understand the workings of your community when it has less than 25,000 residents.  When my family moved here in 1951, the population of Las Vegas was 21,000.  It was a town—though controversial with certain material flaws—that seemed to work together and made every effort to develop a common pride in the community.  Do you think that growth, by itself, has killed that closeness?  Or do you think times have simply changed so that everyone wants to be only part of himself and not part of any greater community?

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  1. We have lived in our home for over a decade. I know one neighbor. People pull into their driveway press a button to open their garage door, pull in and you never see them.
    My line of work takes me into many residential areas, rarely do I see kids playing on the street.
    Times have changed. I don't believe they have changed for the better.