Friday, September 6, 2013

Buzz Of Excitement

I went through my yearbooks from my four years at Las Vegas High School. I made a rough calculation that 90% of those who started, graduated.  I look at my fellow Las Vegas High School graduates--Dick Brian, Charlie Thompson, Cheryl Purdue, Carolyn Sparks, Bill Wortman, Bob Miller, Larry Ruvo—and even though it was 50 years ago that we left school, when we see each other, we still have the buzz of excitement from growing up and living in Las Vegas.  I don’t see that in Nevada High School graduates who finished school in the last twenty years.

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  1. When we were growing up people socialized. We went to dances, events at church and school, we actually talked face to face. Look around, today everyone has a "phone" and they "socialize" on that. They play games on it, watch TV on it and listen to music on it. Who needs people when you have your beloved phone?