Friday, May 10, 2013

Your Children’s Failures

If you want to take a sample to determine what the Clark County School District problems are, you need only look at the school board itself.  Your children don’t have a chance when their lives are controlled by this group of incompetent, uneducated, unsophisticated, unimaginative, lazy, unproductive egomaniacs.  I could go on for pages that describe the multitude of reasons that their actions have been the direct cause of your children’s failures.


  1. When does there lawsuit against the School Board start?

  2. Suggestion: Post a Challenge to the School Board to account for the list of problems and solutions. Open the phones for public participation. List 'Best' solutions for voting. (900#: .99cents Yes/No) The money will show serious voting and weed out mischievous votes. Post daily stats for a month and award a winner for approval to the counsel. This will bring the public in and allow remnant failure to be addressed in perpetuity. Set an Example rather than constant finger pointing...JIM