Monday, May 6, 2013

Why Haven’t You Done Something About It?

Check your list of priorities.  See where you place your understanding of how the Clark County School District functions.  My guess is that if there are a hundred factors that affect your life, your knowledge of education would rank number 100.  The Clark County School District is a disaster.  It has been for years.  Why haven’t you done something about it?


  1. The only thing the average bear can do is vote and very often the pool of candidates is shallow. I also don't think the major employees in Clark County are interested in a well educated work force. They are not needed for the mostly lower paying service jobs. So, the disaster will continue UNLESS they pass a voucher system but, I doubt the teachers unions will allow that to happen.

  2. Is this a call to action? I am a parent of an elementary student here. What should I know and what should I do?