Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Medical Education

You can see from the previous two day’s tweets that medical education is extremely expensive.  The Nevada System of Higher Education has never dealt with this problem.  It has, instead, engaged in discussion about which of its institutions should lead the way.  That history is laughable.  The system has failed because it has no money and it cannot succeed in the future regardless of its structure without tremendous sources of investment.

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  1. It is my personal opinion that things are beginning to unravel. I am 10 years younger than you Jim and I fear America's best days may be behind us. Money used to have value. Remember silver dimes, quarters, 1/2 dollars and dollars?
    Now when things get tight they just print more paper. Kids are more interested in video games and what I call the modern Roman Colosseum and other call the idiot box, the TV. No offense to you. They know more about so called reality shows than they do about reality.
    We have lost our grit. We want everything but we don't want to pay for it. We have false idols as "leaders" and they play the blame game, finger point and pass the buck. No, the future looks bleak and I don't believe there will be any investment because people don't care, they just want to be "taken" care of.
    It took Rome 1000 years to fail, we will be lucky to make it another 100 the way we are going now.