Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Medical schools are financed by donors who provide money for the entire school or money for specific programs. Yesterday I listed the top ten donors to medical schools.  Today I list the top ten donors to specific programs at medical schools.  It takes an angel to cover the entire school and it takes many angels to fund the multitude of departments.

Columbia U. (NY)                                                         
$200 million

Yeshiva U., Albert Einstein College of Medicine (NY)                          
$160 million

Oregon Health & Science U. (Portland)                                   
$125 million

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor                                          
$56 million

Harvard University (Cambridge, Ma.)                                              
$50 million

Sanford-Burnham Grad. School of Biomedical Sciences (La Jolla, Ca.)         
$50 million

Univ. of Calif., Los Angeles School of Public Health                           
$50 million

Univ. of Southern Calif. (L.A.)                                                        
$50 million

Univ. of Minnesota, Minnesota Medical Foundation (Mpls.)          
$50 million

Weill Cornell Medical Ctr., New York Presbyterian Hospital                  
$50 million

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  1. It appears that many angels don't care much for Sin City.