Thursday, May 9, 2013

How Can You Expect?

I could become a very rich man if I bet each of the 600,000 parents of the Clark County School District that they could not get a 50% on the simplest of exams about the system.  If the parents have no connection and no knowledge about the system that supposedly provides the education for their children, how can you expect that the system would be anything but a total failure?

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  1. As usual the good folks that do care get it right between the eyes. Many "parents" think of schools as a parking lot for their kids and many of the parents are a product of public schools too and really don't understand the basics. The good students suffer, the caring parents suffer, the tax payers suffer and the community suffers. Seems to be a vicious, never ending cycle.
    I strongly believe a voucher system would benefit these good students and others. Many private schools do an excellent job at a cost close to what it costs the state to provide a public "education."
    Perhaps you could profile some of these private schools.