Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Selling UNLV’s Potential Success

UNLV began as a college with great potential.  One of the primary reasons was the financial support of Perry Thomas, Jerry Mack and Irwin Molasky.  Their names alone gave great credibility to the future success of UNLV.  Those gifts should have brought a multitude of gifts that would have jumpstarted UNLV to become competitive nationally.  Unfortunately there was little follow up by the multitude of rich southern Nevadans.
We need to restart UNLV’s program to invent itself and include the rich folks to build UNLV into a highly-ranked nationally respected university.
Had we done a better job of selling UNLV’s potential success, we might have enticed Jerry Herbst, one of the very wealthy southern Nevada business people, into showing his support by giving the school $100 million dollars or more.

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  1. UNLV needs to recruit a Jerry Tarkanian of academia!