Thursday, March 7, 2013

Partners In The Future Success

Sheldon Adelson and his wife, a very fine medical doctor, have a net worth larger than the net worth of many countries.  And yet, with it being easy for Sheldon and his wife to give UNLV $350 million dollars, we have failed to enlist the Adelsons as partners in UNLV’s future.  How can we fix the mistakes we have made and persuade the Adelsons to become partners in the future success of UNLV?  I would like your thoughts and advice.

1 comment:

  1. If I want money for a business project, I must produce a plan. Asking someone for $350 million without saying how it would be used I don't think is a good idea.
    If UNLV came up with a wishlist along with a budget and presented it to potential donors to consider along with the benefits to the donors and the school then I feel you would have a better shot.
    As for me, I'm not rich but I do like to know where and how my money is being used when I do make donations.
    Keep pushing Jim. Persistence and determination overcome all obstacles.