Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Interim Superintendant

I’m sure that many of you will say it’s only sour grapes which resulted from my not being begged to become the interim superintendent.  It would be much easier on me if I just went about my business and stopped caring about Clark County K-12.  But I can’t, because I graduated from Las Vegas High School nearly 60 years ago, I’ve watched my three children go to school in Southern Nevada and it saddens me to see this education system that might have had serious problems in any case, be destroyed by a public that continues to elect a school board that is a combination of the most incompetent leaders in this country. 

Why do we care so little that we elect this group of bozos and turn them loose to destroy our children?

1 comment:

  1. Egos! Most elected types that I've known are self important, power hungry "big shots" that care more about themselves than anything or anyone. They crave attention at any cost.
    Until we find officials that care more about the people than personal gain we will never get very far. And of course, there is the under informed voter of which there is no shortage. They vote for slogans and empty promises and then forget.