Friday, March 1, 2013

Individual Wealth

In the 60 years I’ve lived in Southern Nevada we’ve had many boom periods and more than our share of bust periods.  But overall, when you compare our economy with the economies of all the rest of the fifty states, we’ve been far ahead of most in having a productive economy.

Yet with all the financial success that Nevada has had, we’ve never developed the ability to understand that while the Nevada economy created individual wealth, many of those individuals did not reciprocate by supporting the very system that created them. 

Think what we would be if Nevada’s rich folks had decided to invest the money they made in Nevada back into its education system.

I would love to see the University of Nevada School of Medicine change its name to the Benny Binion School of Medicine because Benny’s son Jack had written a check to the school for 100 million dollars or more.

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