Friday, May 18, 2012

Medical Education

Levels in sports competition are logical and productive.  Every football player should not have to be capable of playing at USC, Notre Dame, Alabama or LSU.

Some of the colleges with smaller athletic programs are there to take the second and third layer players.

But medical schools can’t be first line or second line.  All must be able to compete at the highest levels.

I wonder if the UNR medical school really produces the quality of doctors that the University of Washington, UCLA and USC produce.

Anything less than the best medical education is simply not satisfactory.


  1. If you look at the school's match lists, you'll see that year after year, UNSOM graduates match into residency programs at USC, UCLA and the University of Washington, as well as OHSU, Stanford, the Mayo Clinic, etc. Those programs want our students because of quality.

  2. See the open letter to Gov Sandoval (Jim Rogers
    is discussed at 8:20)