Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Importance of Higher Education

We Nevadans just seem unable to comprehend the importance of higher education.  The states that flourish have outstanding universities.  In spite of what Nevadans believe, the top universities create the top economics.

The Dean of the UNR Medical School is paid $500,000 plus certain benefits.  Sounds like a lot of money which should draw the best of the best medical school deans.  Johns Hopkins University Medical School pays its dean $1,500,000 per year.

Wonder why the best are the best?  It is because the leaders and professors are paid the most.

Footnote: There are 125 U.S. medical schools. All of them are good, some are excellent. The University of Nevada School of Medicine is ranked #86 just behind the University of New Mexico at #83 and the University of Arizona at #78.
The Nevada medical school is in good company. There is no question about its quality it only lacks in quantity. It needs to graduate at least 125 a year instead of 60. 

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  1. As per survey and research, higher education can improve the quality of life for individuals and society as a whole. Everyone has need to take higher education from good institute for bright future and well employment.

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