Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dr. Marc Johnson

Two issues bother me about Dr. Marc Johnson becoming President of UNR.  I hope those issues can be resolved so that I can support him as all Nevadans should support him.

First is the way he participated in his own appointment in a manner which smelled of a set up – that is the votes were lined up before the search, and  $100,000 was wasted in choosing candidates, none of which was ever going to get the job.

My second concern is Johnson’s performance as the Interim UNR President.  He did much to go it alone, without considering the needs of the other institutions and the system as a whole.  He shirked  his duty as the leader of one of eight, rather than one of one.

I spent five years trying to get the eight higher education institutions to work together.  We had some success.  I hope Johnson does not return us to those times where all the institutions fought each other which did nothing but injure the whole system.

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