Thursday, May 31, 2012

Great Basin College

Here’s good news about Great Basin College:

1.       GBC provides students with academic and training programs leading to good jobs in regional business and industry.

2.       GBC provides viable access to post-secondary education programs to 127,000 residents of rural Nevada communities.

3.       GBC maintains a comprehensive technological infrastructure linking more than two dozen rural communities for synchronous and asynchronous instruction, training, continuing education and community service.

4.       GBC establishes and maintains robust relationships in the private sector which lead to substantial private investment in GBC.


I can’t imagine any way to estimate what my business will be doing more than five years from now.  Therefore, we have few employees under contract and none for more than three years.

But academia is different.  Under the pretext that professors can only have academic freedom if they’re given lifetime employment under an agreement called “tenure,” these faculties have created security for themselves with little or no security for the institutions they serve.  Employment contracts for limited periods serve both parties.  Tenure serves only the professors.  Tenure must go.

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