Friday, April 26, 2013

The Great Disservice

I would no more consider putting my children in the K-12 system in Clark County than I would shoot my favorite dog.  It is such a failure and does so much damage to our children that even if it were totally repaired tomorrow morning, its victims, supposedly educated during the last 30 years would still be unable to adjust to the great disservice the Clark County education system’s has done them.


  1. When we moved here in the 90's I didn't know any better. But, you are right, my kids didn't even get a lousy education, they got none as far as I'm concerned.
    As a result of this, I have given up my retirement to send my grandson to a Lutheran School were they really do a good job with him. If the folks in Carson City care about kids they would pass a voucher program so others could take advantage of better schools.

  2. Vouchers are little more than money giveaways to rich privileged religious people. The other 90% of the public lose with vouchers. So, you are lobbying for the continuation of economic & racial segregation.

  3. I respectfully think you overstate here. Many good students (I count myself one) have been through CCSD, and continue to do so (including my children). For example, six or seven of us of the 1994 class from Chaparral High School were National Merit Finalists. However, there are a lot of schools where students are not prepared well. My wife and I were very careful when we moved back to southern Nevada to find public schools that are highly rated on I think there are two important problems. First, urban planning has failed, with poorly planned neighborhoods in the name of individual liberty. Poor planning leads to run-down neighborhoods, urban flight, and schools that draw from largely economically and socially unstable families. I see this with the zoning for Del Sol high school. I think that the other major problem is a culture crisis in which southern Nevadans do not value with words and actions education.