Thursday, April 11, 2013


I am sickened when I watch the Clark County School Board attempt to function at its formal meetings.  In all my professional life, I’ve never seen such a gathering of incompetent policy-setting leaders who simply have no connection with the operation of a policy board.  I wish I had words that were kind that would describe this group.  Even the words idiots, incompetents, stupid, ignorant and useless don’t really describe these frauds. 
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  1. What can us little folks do about this Jim?

    1. Get your friends together and vote. Vote this school board out. The problem is no one votes. The turnout to vote is nothing.

  2. The people just don't seem to care. I think the voter turnout was around 10% in the last election. I was one of the few that did vote but, it makes you wonder....they all complain but they can't take a few minutes to do something about it, a sad state of affairs.