Monday, April 8, 2013

Can’t Do It

I’m 74.  I’ve managed to accumulate substantial wealth.  I have a beautiful home in Montana and logic tells me I should go there and never think about Las Vegas again.  But I can’t do it. 

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  1. I have an idea Jim. I'm 64 years old, I'm broke, upside down in my home here so, send me the keys to your place in Montana and I'll go there and never think about Las Vegas again! That way we'll both be happy! (You can visit on the weekends HAHAHA)

  2. Thank you for not going! I've been here about 6 years and love it here.
    I love your commentary and guidance even if I don't always agree. You should be known as the conscience of Las Vegas. I'm only a Trade school graduate but I know the importance of education. Keep fighting to improve education at every level.