Friday, April 5, 2013

Lack Of Substance

I strongly suggest that each and every one of you in Clark County take a few minutes to learn about the nine individuals that serve on your Clark County School Board.  You will be shocked to learn of the amateurs and incompetents that comprise this group.  After you’re over the shock and you’ve stopped laughing, I think you’ll be very sad to learn about the lack of substance of this school board.

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  1. I looked it over and it seems a little weak to me. I'm sure they all mean well but........

  2. CLINTON JONES has left a new comment on your post "Lack Of Substance":

    Now the question is. How long has the board been corrupted. Now What? Should we scrap the process and hold a Public Forum for solutions. Let's examine the rest of our county 'Leaders' for performance and corruption and incompetence. Arguably, a kid could do their jobs. So, it must be the dysfunctional 'Oversight' mechanism that needs reformation. Kudo's to you, Jim for bringing the spotlight to this arena. Now What?

  3. I've seen enough amateurs and incompetents in both the Clark County school board and the Nevada board of education that I have to ask which incident exactly are we referring to. There are so many.