Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ask Them

Governance Boards which includes the boards of directors of every business entity in this country are policy setters.  It is not their job to do the day-to-day work or to supervise that work.  The first rule of policy setting which the Clark County School Board Trustees is incapable of understanding is that it does not need to be on the job every day.  I’m sure the directors of Bank of America don’t appear at corporate headquarters in New York to talk to depositors. 

I have suggested that the board consist of Elaine Wynn, Perry Rogers, Pat Mulroy, Patti Hart, Bill Martin, Ken Ladd, Janie Greenspun, Don Snyder, Tom Gallagher, Jan Jones, Carolyn Sparks and Mike Saltman.  There are many other qualified southern Nevadans who could be very effective members of the board.  We only need ask them.

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  1. How do you get around the fact that the School Board is elected?