Monday, June 24, 2013

Medical School In This State At UNLV

Last week I talked about the ridiculous discussion to build a second medical school in this state at UNLV.  
Of course there is no budget, no identified donors, and an unbelievable estimate of the start-up costs that I have heard bandied about.  But what does that mean for Southern Nevada – should we be forced to stumble forward with some of the worst health care in the nation?  This week I will explore how we can work with our current structure to provide the kind of quality health care that this community deserves.

The University of Texas at Austin is in the process of creating the Dell Medical School which will be accepting its first class of 50 students in 2016.  The following is a summary of the funding plan for this newly-created school of medicine:

1-    $250 Million from Seton Health Care for a new teaching hospital.
2-    $50 Million gift from Michael and Susan Dell.
3-    $35 Million from Central Health. 
4-    $25 Million from University of Texas System Board of Regents annually, plus an additional $5 million annually for 8 years for recruitment and support.
The initial investment for the development of a new medical school to educate 50 students each year is no small amount--$360 million.

The entire operating budget for UNLV is about $500 million a year.

Tell me where UNLV is going to get $360 million to build a Las Vegas medical school.

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  1. There's always Mega Bucks or they can take a drive to Primm and get some lotto tickets.