Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bullet Proof

Speaking to the University of Nevada Reno Medical School faculty is like hollering into space.  Your thoughts and your voice are lost forever.  For more than thirty years, Bill Raggio, who I believe did more to harm Nevada’s education system than any other single person or group, told the University of Nevada Reno Medical School that its faculty was bullet proof because he would protect them from outside forces.  He did a hell of a good job.


  1. Ego, greed, power, looking out for number 1...A sure formula for disaster!

  2. Half of the overhead UNR faculty bring in goes towards paying for the medical school. Meanwhile the medical school has state of the art facilities and the rest of our colleges are stuck with outdated labs and facilities that barely meet standards. UNR's federal funding has dropped from 60 million in 2011 to 38 million in 2012. Yet the provost managed to raise the F&A rate, siphoning more funds out of fewer and fewer federal grants that are awarded to UNR. In addition to higher tuition rates, the cost of research at UNR has risen dramatically without non-medical school faculty seeing any of that overhead being reinvested in better grant support, seed funding or up to date research infrastructure.