Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Government Employees

When one owns a business and begins to notice that the cost of doing that business exceeds what that business receives, it hardly takes a Rhodes Scholar to understand that if you can’t control income, you’d better control expenses.  Businesses, often in a period of 30 to 60 days, develop plans—though radical as they may seem—to cut their costs by eliminating their workforce and by requiring that those employees still involved in the operation do more.  Government employees are never faced with this type of decision-making.  Before government can adapt to the present situation, it first sucks the last drop of blood out of the businesses and individuals who sustain it.

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  1. Government has the "ability" to do something the rest of us would go to jail for, printing money! I "know" it's the Fed that does the printing and that they're "not" part of the government (HA)and that states and local government can't print money but the Washington crowd bribes them with it any way.
    I've also heard that government has a lot of assets. When my business is struggling, as it is now, I'm forced to sell stuff. How many empty buildings does the Federal Government own, over 14,000!
    To learn more about what government has check out CAFR1.com.