Monday, June 3, 2013


If necessity is the mother of invention, and the recovery of the economy proves that to be true, that principle has no relationship to solving the problems created by an ever-increasing government.  I’m a liberal and I believe in helping those who have not been as fortunate as my wife and I.  However, our belief in helping one another has nothing to do with allowing a government to increase in size while accomplishing less and while continuing to become a burden we can’t afford.

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  1. I am not a liberal but, I have no problem helping those that truly need help. That being said, even as the government does grow, they can't seem to discourage the freeloaders that CAN take care of themselves. They can't seem to control waste and fraud, they pay large corporations NOT to grow food while people go to bed hungry. They pay out Billions in corporate welfare while average citizens lose their homes.
    They do take care of themselves though. The 3 riches counties in the USA are all around Washington DC.
    FYI, there are over 25 million government "workers: at all levels. They get a salary, better benefits than most in the private sector, retirement, etc.
    We are forced to pay them trillions of dollars and what do we get in return, more government. With all the "experts", with all the money spent, we should be living in Utopia!
    Do you think we are?