Friday, November 2, 2012

Tax Burden

TAX BURDEN ON NEVADA.  Nevada gets the short end of return to it on taxes Nevada citizens have paid into the federal government.  For every dollar of taxes paid to the federal government, the State of Nevada receives 70 cents. Bad deal.  For every dollar in taxes paid by the citizens of Montana to the federal government, Montana receives about $1.75.  Something is terribly wrong with this allocation.  Nevada has infinitely more power in the federal government than does Montana. The Republicans seem to believe that all taxes are bad and therefore they tend to overlook the inequities in tax burdens. Nevada gets short changed in the distribution of federal taxes. You only need look at the difference between the funds returned to Montana and the funds returned to Nevada. I trust the entire Nevada Democrat members of Congress will protect Nevada’s need better than the Republicans.


  1. Harry and Shelley's influence isn't worth much then, is it?

  2. You just described redistribution. Are you suggesting this practice be ended?