Thursday, November 8, 2012


Take a look at the qualifications, including education and experience, of the commentators on MSNBC and then compare those qualifications to those of the commentators on Fox and other lunatic conservatives like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.  Rachel Maddow is a Stanford graduate, a Rhodes Scholar and has a PhD from Oxford University.  Lawrence O’Donnell is also a Harvard graduate.  Chris Matthews is a graduate of a top 20 university and worked for leaders of the House and Senate for many years.  Glenn Beck never graduated from high school.  Rush Limbaugh flunked out of a mediocre university and the rest of the crowd certainly does not have a Rhodes Scholar.  How can anyone listen to the total lack of intelligent thinking exhibited by some commentators?


  1. Jim, Very interesting!

    No wonder the republicans cynically smirk at anyone wanting a higher education and Santorum said 6 weeks ago "we'll never get the smart, elite people"!

    I have posted over 400 comments on Huffington Post since mid Sept. against Republican ideologies and have a website for Obama. Anyone my visit at

    My concern now is after watching Romney and Ryan, I am fearful the Republican party has moved so far to the extreme they are actually close to becoming a fascist style party. All the indicators are present. I also write about this on

    Keep on writing, you provide a sound sense of balance in our very troubled country! By the way, I am a Las Vegas resident and my wife and I watch only your local channel & MSNBC!

  2. With all the intellectuals in the Democratic Party why is the economy in such a mess? Face it folks, if either party knew what to do they would have done it by now!
    Neither party deserves to be in "power" because they both do a lousy job!

  3. LIBERAL FODDER INSTITUTIONS....that they are so educated,means nothing when those places are mined by liberals,whom's lack of constructive morals lay down the destruction of this country.they actually do nothing good for our country.liberals and socialists are the wings of the communist bird.