Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bonehead Deal!

This is the bonehead deal of the century and UNLV made it. When they sold the name of the business school to Ted Lee for 14 million dollars they forever set a benchmark that prohibited UNLV from ever selling the name of a college for more than 14 million dollars. Not only is the amount grossly inadequate there’s no term limit on it. A hundred years from now the UNLV business school will still be named after Ted Lee. To show how little thinking was given you should know that my name which is now on the University of Arizona Law School will only last 30 years, after which the University of Arizona may sell  the name again. We actually gave thought to the naming consequences. That is why my family’s gift exceeds 50 million dollars but has lasting effects of only 30 years. I wonder if Bill Bolt has ever given thought to the implications of his actions beyond the next 30 days.

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