Tuesday, September 4, 2012

UNLV’s Office Of Economic Development

State funding support for world-class public universities, like Berkeley, the University of Michigan and the University of Virginia has been reduced as low as zero to 20%.  The top tier public universities learned many years ago it was necessary for them to become research universities, which are profit centers, to fund their operations.  UNLV and UNR are far behind on the curve in becoming self-sustaining.  Both must develop as world renowned research universities to earn income to survive and succeed.

Today Jim discusses the many attributes and plans of UNR and UNLV to make both universities competitive with the other world-class U.S. public universities.

UNLV has been working with its new Regional Development Authority to help create new business clusters for our region.  With support from the Hotel School, Engineering, Business and Fine Arts, UNLV is providing the resources and expertise to accelerate IT, technology based industries, biomedical innovation, renewable technologies and many other activities, supported by UNLV’s Office of Economic Development.


  1. How many private sector jobs have they "created?"

    1. You'll never know because economies are influenced by every person in this state. The important thing is the change in attitude which will cause the economy to expand.