Monday, September 10, 2012


Three years ago I was about to go out to dinner in Helena, Montana when I got a call from someone in Las Vegas who said that Steven Horsford would like to talk to me. I told that person I would cancel my dinner date and stay home. That was three years ago and I am still waiting on the call. Horsford is an arrogant ass. While I am prone to support Democrats I would never support him. In the last three years I have called in on several occasions to discuss local and national subjects. He has never returned my phone calls. If you send this blowhard to Congress you’ll never know he is there.


  1. You probably haven't sent the "donation" yet.

    Lets see $1,000 to $5,000 you would get lunch and for $5,000 to $10,000 you would get Horsford and a reception with some Nevada Senate Democrats
    $10,000 to $25,000, gets you and up to seven guests dinner with Horsford and the chairman of your favorite committee.

    Bottom line, more money, more access. I don't remember the requirements for a phone call but I bet there is an amonut due.
    Now that Sebelius got this and pushed a tweet out, I wonder if anything will come from it.

    In any case, I agree Horsfords an ass. And I usually don't agree with much of what you say sir.

    Happy phone call!

  2. Hi Jim!
    A little over a year ago I sent the "good" Senator the following letter. Like you I never got a reply.

    Senator Steven Horsford
    3450 West Cheyenne Ave
    Suite 100
    North Las Vegas NV 89031

    May 2011

    Dear Senator Horsford,
    I will be 63 years old come June. I have worked hard since I got my official working papers when I was 14 in New York City. Before I was ‘officially’ allowed to work, I shoveled snow, delivered papers and did all sorts of odd jobs and for decades I’ve been taking care of myself.
    I have had my ups and downs, including two heart attacks but, I am still standing.
    Now that you and your colleagues are seeking to raise taxes on me again, I cannot see how it is possible to continue to pay almost 50% of my income to the government and meet my current obligations.

    That being said, I would appreciate your assistance. Since I have no idea how to advantage of the many programs I’ve been forced to pay for and since you seem to be an expert in the field of giving other people’s money away, what do I need to do?

    I see all kinds of people getting help; many appear younger and healthier than me. I have even heard some call their children their little piggy banks. I am willing to father more kids depending on how much you pay. What’s the deal with that?

    I see people with food stamps buying better food than I can afford; I have seen people in the hospitals getting taken care of for free, lots of them even get free rides back and forth for medical treatment too. I see folks using government provided cell phones all over, heck, I even heard of something called section eight where the government pays for your home plus, I’ve been told that some government agencies issue a Visa debit card that you can use to get government provided cash out of ATM machines and then use the cash for booze, drugs and gambling; while I don’t have much experience in these areas, I am willing to learn; and best of all these people who get all this free stuff don’t even have to pay most taxes like I have to.

    Additionally, working 60 hours plus each week has cut into my leisure time and it’s not very good for my health, especially in the hot desert heat and since my work involves driving 500 to 800 miles a week in my own car, the almost $4 a gallon for gas is a real bummer and takes a chunk of change out of my pocket. Are you offering any gas reimbursement programs?

    I look forward to hearing from you soon so I too can hang out, relax a little and enjoy the fruits of someone else’s labor for a change. I am even willing to change my voter’s registration to Democrat if the arrangements are attractive enough.

    Please do not take too long to respond as I am not getting any younger.

    Thank you.

    Bruce Feher
    Las Vegas NV