Tuesday, September 25, 2012


During the legislative session, Horsford, a glib individual, made dozens of partisan speeches to move his political career forward rather than move the state forward.

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  1. During Gibbons administration the Democrats had veto proof majorities in the Nevada Legislature. This made the Governor a figurehead and it did not matter what Republican held the mansion.

    But during that time, Steven Horsford was very happy, everything was going his way and every veto was overridden.

    Then along came Brian Sandoval.

    Ever since, Steven Horsford has not looked very happy. In fact, his attitude in the last legislature was atrocious. I remember the video of Oceguera and Horsford climbing stairs somewhere in Carson City and Horsfords facial expression was so telling it actually scared me a little. That guy is not a poker player. He should not be a congressman either.