Sunday, September 30, 2012

Heller/Berkley Debate

The Heller/Berkley debate was boring. That was no surprise. But while Berkley may have some shortcomings, Heller fails to get by, by basic standards for honesty. I got the feeling during the whole debate that he knew if the public understood how he was going to damage it with his 12th century views that he would not win the election. Therefore, he made a point of misleading the public on his positions. Heller is simply intellectually dishonest and therefore under no circumstances would get my vote.


  1. On the other hand, Shelly Berkley wasted 13 seconds of airtime, what would that cost @ CH3? AND she began by clearing her throat into the mic. Both extreme no no's in speaking. When introducing oneself to new voters, as both were doing in the first debate, Shelley left a bad taste on many a palate. Dean Heller came out on top of that one, easily.

  2. If this is the best Nevada can do, we're in real trouble!