Friday, July 6, 2012

If I Were A Legislator...

If I were a legislator or a governor and was presented with the history of tenure in Nevada, which creates lifetime employment contracts for both the competent and the incompetent, and I learned that the incompetent professors prevented the higher education system from improving as it should have, rather than hold endless meetings to try to put in a process to repair the tenure problem, I would simply do one thing.  I would continue to cut funding of higher education until it either disappeared or repaired itself.  My guess is that its disappearance would occur long before its repair.

Remember that tenure creates a lifetime employment contract between the university and the professor which in reality cannot be terminated by the university.

1 comment:

  1. Well - I have no more arguments for you. Strip your colleges - except the ones that make money. Demean your teachers and professors so that no one will want to come here to teach. BETTER yet. . . fire us all and replace us with drones. That way you can keep the people of Nevada as your serfs. Why think? No one needs that. I guess older teachers who are more skilled and experienced need to go where people appreciate that type of thing. You can be happy looking at cute young things - clueless, but cuter. Yeah - tenure is bad bad bad. How old are you? Seems like it's about time you were replaced too.