Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A CSN Professor Writes...

This week we present comments from professors from the Nevada System of Higher Education – as you’ll see we may be doing permanent and irritable damage to the system. One CSN professor writes:
"How can CSN afford a new Associate Vice President position, and $150k to become an Achieving the Dream school?  We have no money for positions or salaries, yet there’s plenty to have someone else come in and tell our school leaders how to do their job.   Things don’t work in higher ed because we keep implementing the same failed solutions.  Graduation rates are low, so blame faculty, put together a committee, write a report, hire another administrator, and then of course, be shocked when nothing changes."


  1. Bureaucrats are like cockroaches. You are never rid of them and they are all over making things difficult!

  2. Perhaps this professor can do us all a favor by doing a study about the down side of bureaucrats and how they hurt prosperity and new ideas.