Monday, January 30, 2012

UNLV Has Been Shorted At Least $600 Million

I will feel successful if you remember these facts from my Tweets of next week and the week after.

Southern Nevada produces 75% of Nevada’s tax revenue and has 75% of higher education’s students.  Northern Nevada produces 25% of the State’s tax revenue and has 25% of higher education’s students.  But yet Southern Nevada gets only 50% of the State’s higher education funding while Northern Nevada gets 50%.
You don’t have to be a mathematician to understand this is not only grossly unfair, it is the ultimate insult to all Southern Nevada Higher Education students.  This outrageous, unfair distribution of higher ed funding must be fixed.  It is time for the Regents and the Legislators to stop shirking their duties to Southern Nevada Higher Ed students.  UNLV has been shorted at least $600 million and CSN nearly the same amount.

Please read the particulars of the financial shortchanging of Southern Nevada’s college students in my Twitters beginning February 6 through 17.

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