Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Freeze You Out Of The Economy

I tie Monday’s and Tuesday’s thoughts to today’s thoughts and I will continue this theme through Friday.  The middle class has spent too much of its time paying little attention to the social and economic factors that influence their lives.  Americans love to be entertained and Americans love the seemingly never-ending amount of entertainment provided by a multitude of sources, including television. Many sitting in front of the television watching mindless sitcoms and so-called reality shows that really have no reality in them, believe that if they watch 30 minutes of 30 second news sound bites at least once a week, they will be able to understand and therefore control the direction of the American economy.  I would say we’re in for a surprise, but I think the surprise is already very real, and I’m not sure that its effects will ever be changed.  While you sat in front of the television set being entertained, the rich folks were planning their next step to freeze you out of the economy.


  1. Television is the modern coliseum and like the coliseum, it is designed to distract and it does it well. You are right about a surprise coming our way and it will not be a pleasant one….stay tuned!