Friday, August 16, 2013

Different World | Different Economy

I cannot imagine working hard for 40 years and reaching the age of 60+.  What it must be like to find yourself unable to work with 20 years of life left and no savings to sustain your life.  When I was born in 1938, life expectancy was 59 years; now it’s nearly 79.  It is a different world and a different economy, and we must solve the problem of how we support those who have done so much, but whose lives now are extended far beyond their years of production.

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  1. I'm 65. I thought I was set for my "golden" years. Seems it's not working out the way I planned. For what ever reasons my wife and I are now raising and supporting 2 grand children, 4 and 9. What we thought would be enough for us, isn't enough for us and the kids too so, we continue to work and are thankful that we still can.